Why isn't anyone visiting your website

You must start to wonder why isn’t anyone visiting your website when you invest so much time and money in designing your website,  you expect it to generate a lot of traffic as well as make more sales. However, what if this is not the case? In case you are wondering why no one is visiting your website, here are some of the main reasons.

1. Your website is not SEO optimised

Having a beautiful website is only the start of getting online. There is no point having a stunning website and not optimising it for search. It’s the equivalent of having a sports car and parking it in the garage! Creating a website requires a lot of hard work if you ever want to attract traffic. A well-designed website that lacks SEO optimisation will always be difficult to find. To make your website visible on Google search engines you need to firstly target the right keywords. With SEO optimisation, you have an added advantage of gaining maximum traffic to your website or blog, helping you to convert visitors to customers.

2. Your website is not professionally structured

A poorly done site is likely to be avoided at all cost by visitors, while a good website entices your target audience and engages them in your content. If you cannot design your own website, it is advisable to have it done by a professional website designer. Many people use companies such as Wix to build their own sites, but we have found that even though they can look ‘alright’, the URL structure isn’t great for SEO and many Wix sites have been reported to have been deindexed by Google.

3. Your website is not providing interesting and high quality content

If your website does not have anything new to offer, then no one will be interested in visiting it. The content that you offer should be unique and different from all the other websites, giving you a competitive edge in the market. It should also be engaging and easy to navigate. When someone looks at your website ask yourself whether they will stay or will they leave your site immediately? Use analytical software such as Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your content and if it isn’t performing then improve it so it does.

When you design an interesting website, visitors will spend their time navigating through the different pages of your website and even share your content with others. Develop unique content with information that other websites do not offer.

4. Promoting your website

How do you expect people to know more about your website? What vehicle are you going to use to create awareness? Just like any other business in the industry that works to market itself, you also need to market your website to gain traffic. You can use various channels to market your website such as social media, SEO, word of mouth, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), email marketing and offline website promotion. These methods will help generate traffic to your website. Do not build a website and leave it expecting to attract visitors on its own.

5. You lack social media presence

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the best platforms you can use to attract more people to your website. This is because currently, so many people from across the world use social media as their means of communication. Unfortunately, if you lack knowledge on how to use the social media correctly, you are never active on such sites, or you do not take social media seriously, you will miss a larger segment of your market. Make use of these platforms by sharing your brand and providing any necessary information about your website.

Everything that you post should be relevant and juicy to your audience. When social media sites are used correctly, it helps to increase visibility by sending traffic to your website. Most importantly, something that we see time and time again… don’t just sell, sell, sell! As I always say, provide quality and interesting content. If you only sell your products and services, people will switch off or unfollow your ass before you have time to engage them!


If your website is slipping down the ranks, and probably receiving none or fewer visits and you want to change all that, but have no idea how. We are here to give you the necessary help.

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• We ensure that your website is up to date, informative, faster, and user-friendly.
If you are interested in having your website redesigned or a new website designed for you, then feel free to contact us any time.

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