Why Does my Real Estate Business Need a Website?

In today’s world, information technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. People are now turning to the quickest and most convenient source of information; the internet. It naturally follows that with mobile internet in the equation, anybody with a real estate business needs a website to remain relevant.

The thing is, in real estate, the playing field is defined by you, the agent and for the most part, how you conduct business really matters.

The market dynamics have changed, and there are many agents out there vying for the same piece of cake that you are. You need to brand yourself and market yourself effectively; to do this and many other things, you need a website. Here are some more reasons why your real estate business needs a website;

You become resourceful to your client

This is a very important quality. Creating a website where both current and prospective customers can learn more about the services you offer. More to that you need to ensure that your presence on the internet offers valuable information about the real estate market.

Branding yourself

Of course, every other agent will have a website. You don’t want to be another cute face on a corporate site. By having your own website, you can create your brand. Your website directly reflects your values, authority, ideology and what you have to offer. Property buyers want to work with someone they can trust. Even if majority of home sellers and home buyers get to work with agents from personal referrals, they first follow and find about the agents on the internet. The question you should ask themselves is; what do they find when they search your business.

Grow your personal brand

It is easy to argue that the extra cost of having a personal website is unnecessary since your agency or broker supplies you with one. Well, that may not be entirely true. What if you left the agency or brokerage? It important to have a personal brand. People want to meet and work with a person. You need to have an edge over the competition and not be lumped up with everyone else in the office by having a generic website.

You become preferred

You need to get your clients to learn about you and your services. Your website is the best opportunity for your clients to decide whether they are making the right choice. You can appeal to your potential clients by adding Mortgage Calculators, Home Buyer Tips, Loan Programs Information and M L S listings. These will increase the value of your website and make it the only website that clients want to go to.

Networking opportunity

With a website, it is easy to get networks and referrals. You can take advantage of having a website to write blogs on other authority real estate sites or even Q & A sites like Quora and then back-linking to your own site. This way, you get audience and drive traffic to your website where you can go ahead to make conversions. Blogs are also a great place to link social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. This will help you increase your online presence and drive traffic to your site.

Lose the new to the game syndrome

You may be losing business simply because you are new to the office or even new to the market. Part of this is because there is no information about you anywhere. Potential clients think that you are new to the game since there is nothing about you anywhere. It happens all the time to people that do not have a website. A robust website will put information about you out there so you are not seen as a novice.

How can Fertile Frog help your real estate business?

In just one month of working with the local estate agent, Ben Rose, Fertile Frog managed to increase the number of searches that clicked through to their website by 91% and the total number of views have increased by 99%! This is just one example of how our SEO Experts have helped clients to increase their rankings and therefore get more customers.


In today’s economy, it is important to have a unique value proposition where you are your own resource for your clients. You should be focused on creating a personal brand while staying relevant in your area of expertise. Having your own real estate website ensures that you are actualised in all these areas and make sure your bases are covered. Only remember that all websites are not created equal so it’s important to require a professional web designer to do some good work for you.

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