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Marketing collateral is a method used to support a business’ primary advertising campaign to convey important information about one’s products and services. With the advancement of digital media, businesses are now allowed to create marketing collateral to go beyond printed material and include point-of-sale electronic devices and online content. It often runs parallel to other media that businesses use to communicate their primary message.

Marketing collateral is often utilised after the business made initial contact with the consumer through advertising or any other methods. It can be in the form of white papers, newsletters, follow-up mail, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, blogs, and more. Business-to-business collateral is also known as sales collateral. It is used to get new channel partners by explaining the sales and merchandising programs that the business wants their partners to perform, and pre-sells consumer advertising and promotional activity to their partners.

Effective marketing collateral can improve the growth rate of a particular business. When properly used, it can familiarise customers with the services, products and goals of the company, and at the same time promoting them to the target audience. It can be the difference between a near-sale and a loyal client. Below are tips for creating effective marketing collateral or to modify the current one so that it can perform better.

The content used for marketing collateral must be outlined before the business starts with a big marketing campaign. It will help the business’ marketing team to come up with a cohesive strategy without losing focus on the types of content and themes that the business wants to promote.

A style guide is one method of choosing the elements that will be part of the marketing collateral. It allows the business to create a theme of the elements that include the logo, important images, key phrases, brand words, and fonts. The style guide also allows the business to determine the focus of the content that will make the marketing collateral more effective with the target audience.

Current marketing materials always have their strong points, so identifying and removing any weaker points should be one of the initial goals of the business to ultimately have better marketing collateral. This is a better choice than scrapping the current material and creating new material from scratch. Make sure that your current marketing material has a consistent theme and target the right people. It should use the right words and images to convey the right message.

A professional graphic designer can be a big help when creating effective marketing collateral. A qualified and experienced designer can choose the right graphics and layout of the materials. Hiring a professional will save the business a lot of money and improve profits in the short run with materials that work as soon as they are released to the public.

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