Spooktacular Halloween Pebble Hunt!

As it’s almost Halloween, the Fertile Frog team are giving you a chance of winning a spooktacular Halloween hamper!

We have hidden eleven spookily decorated pebbles round Chorley town centre and it’s your job to find them!

Below are images of the pebbles, together with a clue of where you can find them.

Once you find a pebble, please take a photograph, upload it to Facebook and tag us @fertilefrogltd!


1. I’m not feline well today… find me at a local Chorley Pharmacy!


2. What’s a ghost’s favourite dessert? I scream! Find me at your favourite local ice cream parlour.



3. I spy with my evil eye… find me at a local optician’s! (hint: Tipovasres)



4.  This spider likes surfing the web but not as much as Chorley’s most awesome web developers 😉 find this pebble with them! (hint: Refelit Gofr)



5. You’ll find me ‘clowning around’ at my favourite fast food restaurant, with my brother Ronald.



6. This little vampire can’t stop ‘coffin’! Find him by the cough medicine in the town centre’s supermarket. (hint: Dasa)



7.  Feeling ‘pumped’ and heading into the local gym… 😉  (hint: Timyena Netistfs)



8. To be frank, I’m a little shy and hiding down the Ginnell with my ghoulfriend…



9.  I’m currently on a BLIND date… catch me at a local cafe. (hint: Feefoc Kacsh)



10. What did the Skeleton order at the restaurant? Spare Ribs! Find him at his favourite restaurant (hint: Csopomonlita)



11. ”My mummy likes it when I buy her flowers” (hint: hallsrasm tolfris)

Good luck with your search! The competition will end at 8 pm on Sunday 4th November.


Special mention to Abbie who has designed all of these amazing pebbles and is a keen member of the Chorley Pebble Art group.

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