Our SEO Audits in an essential foundational activity. Our SEO audit is a comprehensive examination of your current tactics, strategies, and marketing plan for your business. Our SEO specialist will run various tests and go through each page with a fine tooth comb! Your results are presented in a comprehensive report containing strategies to improve the usability of your site and to improve your visibility and site ranking.

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As a promotional offer, all new customers are entitled to one FREE SEO Audit! This in-depth audit will in no doubt help you plan your marketing strategy in order to increase traffic, improve conversion rates, master your target niche and raise sales and/or enquiries.

After your FREE Audit you have the option to gain a full analytical review of your site!

  • Meta Data
  • Keywords
  • Coding problems
  • Page Content
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Backlinks
  • Incorrect Nofollow Links
  • Robots.txt Errors
  • Navigational Difficulties
  • Website Layers
  • And Inaccessible Pages Issues

The benefits of SEO Audits

If your website isn’t performing, most likely it’s because of one of the above problems. It can also be the content is not hitting the needs of the viewers. We look at everything in your site to make sure it is giving the performance it should be giving.

After a SEO audit, you gain a perspective of why your website is not converting viewers into customers. Plus, why you’re not at the top of the search engine results. You also find out if your keywords are placed where needed, and how you can improve your SEO, so your website will perform better.

The reports are written in plain English without any technical jargon that you won’t understand. You’ll be able to see exactly where and how your current SEO tactics aren’t working. You’ll be able to see how using the proper SEO will gain you the results you desire for your website.

Why you need a SEO Audit

There are hundreds of SEO tips you can use to improve your website. Most sites aren’t compliant with W3C standards. Just making them function according to W3C rules can improve your website. Coding issues, functionality issues, and content may need to be changed just so the search engine spiders or bots can crawl your website.

(Spiders, robot, & bots are small programs from search engines such as Google that read what is on your website and send it back to a database to be indexed. Indexing is how people find you when they type in a keyword in a search engine)

If images are too big, pages not accessible, or even Meta data errors can cause your site to be lower in the search results. It can also be your content or lack of content that is causing your website to be lower in search engines. An SEO audit will show all the error, issues, and problems on your site.

How our SEO services work for you…

Country Targeting

Global SEO is all about targeting culturally and regionally different communities. In global SEO, depending on target countries you will be required to create copy in multiple languages and will have to consider the regional dialects and colloquialisms.

Intelligent SEO Strategies

Global SEO plays a vital role in your success and it’s important to have an intelligent SEO player with you. Our Frog Chasers with our proven experience in the industry are continually delivering high performance and excellence as standard.

Global SEO Packages

For high performance we have devised some awesome packages to whet your appetite for Global Success, please take a look below at our monthly packages.

Key-word Driven Content

Global SEO shows a significant hike in rankings with the implementation of continual localisation efforts (Local and National SEO) using optimised keyword-driven content.

What is included in Fertile Frogs SEO Packages?

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