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The horizons of ad-scape are constantly changing its dimensions with the introduction of crazy mavericks in the industry.

Out of the box thinking to do something new…

Changing the mindset of audiences who are now ready to welcome new trends in online.


Our Frog Chasers, the crazy mavericks, have managed to catch the attention of target audiences with their constant endeavours.

Frog Chasers are well known for adapting the mix of the following fundamentals to devise a digital advertising strategy.

How our advertisement graphics come to life…

We require quick briefing

Don’t worry if you are not sure what kind of advertisement you’re looking for… our in-house staff will be able to work their magic!

Sit back and wait!

We work hard to give every customer the best turnaround, so expect to see your different unique visuals within 3 days.

Take a look at your new adverts...

You get the freedom to mix and match the fonts/colours & designs so the final design is perfect for your company. Fertile Frog offer 3 amendments from the first PDF visual.

What kind of advertisements can you expect…

Banner Advertisements
Banner advertisement is an effective and an engaging form of advertisements used. Banners advertisements could be static or dynamic depending on the need. It’s a beautiful mix of relevant images and text.
Web Video Advertising
Creating and presenting video with a brand message is yet another form of advertising. These banners combine visual animation built out of images and text and intelligently placed on certain important sections of the website.
We Love to provide you with following
Online Ad Strategy
Media Planning and Placement
Bid Management
Rich Media Banner Design
Contextual Advertising
Contextual advertising is advertising on a website that is targeted to be relevant to the page’s content. Automated systems display ads related to the content that the users of your website check and visit.

Advertisement graphics packages…


• PPC Campaigns requires lot of knowledge and experience to use pay per click services

• There are several key components to a successful pay-per-click campaign – keyword research, keyword grouping and organization, and ad group creation and management. Using traditional methods, each component involves more time to fully execute than any search marketer can possibly do by hand, and yet this is how pay-per-click campaigns are primarily approached today. Local Search Advertising


• Professional Management
• Creative Advertisement Text
• Relevant Landing Pages
• Highly Targeted Campaigns
• User Interaction Assessment
• Analytical Reporting
• Comprehensive Research
• Competitor Analysis
• New or Existing Account Management


• Our knowledge of Google AdWords is one of the best in the business of marketing with PPC management. We understand the surfing habits of your target market and make sure you receive a noticeable ROI (return on investment).

• If you’re not internet marketing savvy it can be a complicated and expensive task of maintaining your Google AdWords account. Our PPC specialists are skilled with the expertise in managing pay per click campaigns. We start you out in the right direction and return the profits you expect in a timely manner.

• We manage your Google account daily by focusing on your ROI and conversion rates. We know why you’re investing in paid search, how it will benefit your business, who your target audience is, and where your money will go for the best results.

• Our PPC specialists ensure your pay per click account is structured to give you the best ROI. We eliminate errors in your account and make it as tight a campaign as it can be while maintaining and complying to best practice guidelines. No black hat or grey hat here! We don’t use “trial and error” – we use our PPC specialist’s years of experience to give you the best click-through rates and push your conversion rates to greater heights.

• We do pay per Click Management ‘right’ from the very beginning!

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