If you are starting a company or a business, there are some things that you need in order to make you appear like a professional in your field of expertise.

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Out of the box thinking to do something new…

Changing the mindset of audiences who are now ready to welcome new trends in online.


Our Frog Chasers, the crazy mavericks, have managed to catch the attention of target audiences with their constant endeavours.

Frog Chasers are well known for adapting the mix of the following fundamentals to devise a digital advertising strategy.

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How our advertisement graphics come to life…

What kind of advertisements can you expect…

Banner advertisement is an effective and an engaging form of advertisements used. Banners advertisements could be static or dynamic depending on the need. It’s a beautiful mix of relevant images and text.
Creating and presenting video with a brand message is yet another form of advertising. These banners combine visual animation built out of images and text and intelligently placed on certain important sections of the website.

Online Ad Strategy
Media Planning and Placement
Bid Management
Rich Media Banner Design

Contextual advertising is advertising on a website that is targeted to be relevant to the page’s content. Automated systems display ads related to the content that the users of your website check and visit.

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