Why Local SEO? Companies that improve local SEO in Lancashire or Chorley or other places have a broader influence into individual communities, which, by the way, gives you a larger conversion rate.

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These are some of the SEO marketing results we have achieved

Using local SEO services improves mobile searches and conversion rates and that filters over to global conversion rates. The local communities talk about your product or services. They spread the word to others all over the world. That brings in more customers and a larger customer base. Because of the Internet, some companies focus all their attention on global sales.

Optimising your presence for localised searches

Local people have friends and family all over the world. When they find a product they like and use every day, the share it with others.

They tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on… It’s the old “word of mouth” that broadens your customer base. However, keeping your local customers happy, spreads the word about your company’s product or services.

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How our Local SEO services work for you…

Your local SEO superhero’s

Can local SEO really make a difference? If you are a business that relies on your local customers, local SEO is paramount! Back in the day, businesses paid a monthly marketing cost on advertisements in the local newspaper or flyers. Today, reaching your local potential customers through the power of the Internet is proven to be far more effective.
  • Professional Management
  • Creative Advertisement Text
  • Relevant Landing Pages
  • Highly Targeted Campaigns
  • User Interaction Assessment
  • Analytical Reporting
  • Comprehensive Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • New or Existing Account Management
  • Research On Geographically Keywords
  • Listing In Google Maps And Google Local
  • Local Business Directories
  • And Review Site Geared To Local Areas
  • Local SEO Strategy
  • Multi-Layered Strategies
  • Monthly Reports
  • Tracking Report
  • And An Experienced, Dedicated Account Manager

Using mobile marketing and search engine optimisation boosts your business’s reputation. That encourages others to use your business time and again.

We gather information about your local area including competition in your area of expertise. We learn all we can about your offline and online efforts in marketing, then make suggestion to better your marketing campaign. We also ask a lot of questions of you since you know more about your area and the best way to generate revenue from local customers. Local SEO can generate an enormous ROI for any company, but it’s mostly beneficial to businesses who can only serve local customers.

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What is included in Fertile Frogs SEO Packages?

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