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Every website owner dreams of topping search engine rankings. Essentially, the purpose of a website is to pass information to prospective clients. It seeks to generate business, by converting website visitors into actual clients/buyers. However, this cannot be achieved if a website lags behind in rankings. Fortunately, thanks to SEO, website owners can optimise their sites to rank highly in search engine results.

Businesses can easily expand their reach from local levels to national levels by enlisting national SEO consultants. Hiring a reputable SEO consultant can make all the difference in establishing your presence on a national or even global level.

For business owners to take advantage of national SEO, it is important for them to understand the differences between local and national SEO. A clear distinction exists between the two. Local SEO targets a specific location and seeks to make conversions for a particular service within that location. It is popular among businesses such as restaurants, which often rely on local customers for business growth. On the other hand, national SEO seeks to drive traffic on a national level. It is not service or location specific, and focuses more on promoting a brand to a grander scale.

Ranking your website using national SEO is not a walk in the park. Considering the stiff competition from business rivals, it requires the input of national SEO consultants who have great experience in website optimisation. A national SEO campaign involves the use of a number of SEO tools such as:

• Advanced Keyword Research tools
• On-site content optimisation tools
• Keyword mapping tools
• Google maps optimisation

It is important to note that gaining visibility on a national level is not instant. However, by enlisting an SEO expert, you can achieve faster results in your national SEO campaign. SEO experts often look at a number of factors when optimising your site for higher rankings. Firstly, the content of your site has to be of high quality, to make an impact in search engine results. Ever since Google introduced the Hummingbird algorithm, the quality of a website’s content plays a key role in national rankings. A professional SEO expert is able to use various SEO tools to audit and produce high-quality content for your website.

Domain Authority also plays a pivotal role in national rankings. A website’s authority is determined by its age and quality. Quality websites that have been in existence for several years are more likely to rank higher than newer sites. If your website does not hold much authority, then you are likely to have problems achieving high rankings. However, SEO experts know their way around this and can optimise newer sites to rank higher than other authority sites.

Competition for visibility on a national level is definitely high. Your website will be competing with other national brands and companies, who might be well endowed financially. Moreover, a national SEO campaign will require strategies that are more comprehensive. In view of all these reasons, enlisting the services of national SEO consultants is the only viable way of gaining a national presence and eventually higher rankings.

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