Psychological marketing that builds trust

When it comes to marketing in the modern world, it is increasingly important that you understand how important psychology is to your success. Don’t worry; you don’t need to head away and get a psychology degree just to make some good marketing content!

What you do need to do, though, is think closely about the kind of marketing solutions that you might wish to put in place. There are many options to pick from, and that can naturally make your choice a little confusing. With that in mind, we recommend that you consider the following attributes of good, psychologically sound marketing.

Are you providing value?

The first question that anyone who is looking at your marketing material will want to know is ‘how does this provide me with value?’

And if you cannot answer that, you are in trouble. You should be looking to build trust by offering something for nothing that you would normally charge for. This shows you as a business that cares about the customer, not just the cheque at the end.

Can you help them achieve for free?

Following on from the above, the something for nothing marketing effect is vital to your success. Why? Because you want to give them something that they would normally have to pay for. Whether that’s free information, tips on how to solve a problem you would charge for help with, or even just some useful access to facts that can help them make an informed decision, offering something for free is vital to psychologically sound marketing.

Are you listening?

The next part of your psychologically driven content will be that you want to give out content that shows you listen to feedback. Many businesses do absolutely nothing about this when it comes to getting feedback; they simply just keep trotting out the same old.

Show that you are learning and improving with the response from your customers in the past, though, and it shows future customers that you listen, you learn, and you grow naturally.

The seal of approval

Using imagery is very useful, too. For example, you could use some kind of trust seal on your website. This should be something every business needs. Some see it as pointless, but it does leave a small psychological note in the background of the potential customer. They know that you are producing on a high level – so now they can trust that you will deliver on their behalf. That’s extremely powerful in the competitive world of business.

Show what others are saying

From links to video testimonies to proof of your high rating on major directories like TrustPilot, you can use the word of others to build trust. Now, you aren’t just relying on the word of what you say; you are directly showing them what others think of the service that you offer. And we cannot overstate just how much of a power move that is

So, which psychological aspects above are you currently using as part of your wider marketing strategy? Feel free to contact a member of our team on [email protected] or 0800 014 8030

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