Vein Clinic Website Build

Vein Clinic Website Build

Rejuvamed came to Fertile Frog to design and build a completely new website for their new venture, the Rejuvamed Vein Centre which is based in Clitheroe.

Fertile Frog has already produced the Rejuvamed.co.uk so we have a really good idea of the styling and brand for Rejuvamed. But we wanted to make it look different to the existing website, by changing the colours and changing the way the site looks, whilst keeping the Rejuvamed branding feel.

After a month of designing the website and implementing all the images and text, we put the site live for Rejuvamed. Take a look at the site for yourself here: www.rejuvamedveincentre.com

Here at Fertile Frog, we specialise in Aesthetics Marketing so if you are looking to get a website in this field of work, look no further. 0800 014 8030 or [email protected]


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June 12, 2018

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