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The British Commercial Vehicle Museum aims to protect and preserve part of the nation’s heritage which brought about world-renowned developments in transport. That’s exactly what they wanted when they came to us to build their website. They wanted to have a fresh and modern-looking website while preserving things they keep protecting for many years. 

The Museum had an outdated website that was vulnerable due to outdated plugin and coding, therefore needed a stable platform that was managed safely and securely. So we worked closely with the management team to plan and provide a robust maintenance and support package.

There was no outlet to showcase the events the museum provided, so we create a content management system (CMS) that empowered the museum to manage and promote new events. Using schema markup the site lets Google know the event details to help list such events in search engines.

Vital funding opportunities through corporate sponsorship was being missed, so we created custom forms that drive sponsorship opportunities and enquiries.

We built an engaging and growing image archives platform with over 5,500 images for sale through their online store.

This website is fully responsive to all screen sizes allowing users to browse and book their visits easily on their phone or tablet. 

Along with subtle animation, the site comes alive, promoting the history of the commercial vehicles to both the younger and older generation.

Visit the full website at /

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