Body Culture Gym came to Fertile Frog to re-brand their already existing business.

The first stage of the re-brand comes with designing the logo, which is a vital part of any company, making sure this is perfect to represent your brand in whatever field of work you are in.

At first, the client wasn’t too sure which path he wanted to take so give our designer plenty of freedom with designing the first draft of designs, as you can see from the design phase 1, we provided plenty of different colours and styles which could work for Body Culture.

After providing our client with the first draft of designs, it gave him a thought of using a script font as the main logo, as you can see from below, our designer Matt spent some time on making the BC into an arm muscle with a measuring tape, to represent growth and hard work:

We then moved on to the design phase 3, which was a different concept once again. With the logo now representing a person picking up some weights and the head being the circle, but once you turn the design onto its side, you can see the letters BC:

The client advised that we were so close with the logo design but thought that there was something missing, so Matt came up with the final design phase 4. Which gave lots of different options of how the BC can work, so after presenting these designs they were pleased with the outcome:

So here is the final Body Culture branding in all its glory.

Are you looking to re-brand your company? Feel free to contact our designer Matt on [email protected] or 0800 014 8030. Regarding a logo design, we have a great introductory price currently at just £150, we provide 3 completely unique designs you won’t see anywhere else on the market. Then we work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

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