MUFC Fans Shocked by Leaked Shirt, New Concept OUT with NHS Event

Manchester United new concept kit

See the newly leaked Manchester United kit for the 2021-22 Season below.

New Man United shirt leaked online and fans react…


After seeing the leaked Manchester United shirt with the random yellow and black lines throughout, I couldn’t help but think of a bus seat and how I am supposed to wear that?? So I used a bit of creative license and re-designed what I feel would be a perfect shirt for next years branding.


We have rolled back the years by using the old trifoil Adidas logo, which was last seen on a United shirt in the years 1990-92. Although Adidas don’t use the trifoil logo on any new football kits, we definitely feel that it gives a completely different feel. After all, who doesn’t love a retro look?

Should Adidas bring the Trifoil Logo back to football kits? We 100% think they should.

Paul Ince in action in the 1990 FA Charity Shield against Liverpool
Image source:

Moving on to the old school collar, which a number of Manchester United legend’s have worn in the past. Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Roy Keane, to name a few. The last time this collar featured on a Man United shirt was back in 2010-11. Prior to that was way back in the treble-winning campaign of 1998-2000.

We think the collar would be a great addition to bring back on a United shirt.

Manchester United striker Eric Cantona during a game against City  (Image: 2015 Getty Images)
David Beckham –
Roy Keane –

Next, bringing the old with the new. The pattern that is located throughout the shirt as the red/darker red waves would be one of the main branding points for this year’s shirt. With the waves being the focus for all branded media that will be going out to the public.

A branded billboard Home Shirt concept perfect for around Old Trafford and Manchester, City Centre.

The Chevrolet logo now stands strong without the name underneath, as Chevrolet has been United’s main sponsor since the 2014/15. So we’re confident everyone must know who they are by now, right? There have been some doubts that Chevrolet will still be United’s main contract for the coming years, due to their contract ending this 2020-21 season. So we will have to wait and see.

The Chevrolet logo now featured without the text underneath for the first time.
\ The 3 stripes will appear on the sleeves as they have done in previous years, but this concept is different as they are also on the sides of the shirt. Which would look great from side-on.

The final points we would like to raise for the shirt are the gold band which is located on the collar, sleeve and bottom thread of the shirt. We feel this finishes off the shirt and will work great going forward with the other branded media for the coming year.

The Gold ribbon which you can see located on the collar, sleeve and bottom threading of the shirts.
The fully branded visual of the new Manchester United Home Shirt for 2021/22.


The away shirt concept has all the same features as the home shirt above. But the pattern will be slightly different to give both shirts their own feel.

In 1878, the engineers of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot in Newton Heath came together to form Newton Heath LYR Football Club. This club later became Manchester United in 1902 –

Then as you can see, the colour choice for this away kit is going back in time with the first founders of Manchester United. Newton Heath LYR F.C, who changed the name of the club to United back in 1902.

So what better time to commemorate the green and yellow that was in fact used 120 years ago in 2022.

The fully branded visual concept of the new Manchester United Away Shirt for 2021/22.
A visual of the Manchester United 2021/22 Away Shirt on a Billboard around the globe.


Along with the new shirt design for Home and Away for the 2021-22 season, we have also come up with an idea to create an NHS themed event. This event could take place once a year to raise money for our valued NHS Staff of Manchester and beyond!

A visual of the NHS UNITED Event on a Billboard around the United Kingdom

We have also designed what could be the shirt for this event and even manipulated the badge slightly to call it the NHS United Event.

We would love to hear your thoughts on his. Feel free to share if you think this would be a great idea, not just for Manchester United, but every football club to take part!

The fully branded visual of the NHS United Shirt for a future event.
A special Thank You for all the NHS Staff that are risking their lives, to save lives all around the U.K.
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