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Websites provide a platform for internet users to interact with businesses. It is common for customers to shop over the internet or visit a business’ website when looking for or researching a certain product before they make their purchase. It is generally understood that internet users spend a short amount of time on the landing page of a website looking for what they want and if they do not find it, move on to another website. Over the years, the internet has changed in varying degrees especially when it comes to supported functions. More internet enabled devices have worked to revolutionise access to the internet and general design elements of websites. Below we look at the different factors that make it necessary to redesign your website and are indicative the regularity of such efforts.

Customer Needs

The main point of having a business website is to provide a virtual platform to interact with customers. The best websites should, therefore, be designed to appeal to this target audience incorporating an easy to use and understand layout. It should reflect user needs by strategically displaying relevant content for easy spotting. As time progresses, it is important for businesses to keep tabs on changing customer needs and reflect these in their website design. For instance, if customers find videos more informative then redesign efforts should focus on this.

Responsive Web Design

In the past, most websites were designed for viewing on a laptop or desktop. The emergence of multiple internet-enabled devices with different screen sizes and resolutions has led to the necessity of redesigning websites to support their use. With Responsive Web Design websites can now be adapted for viewing on different devices and screen sizes while maintaining the best functionality.

Social Media

Social media has become an integrated aspect of modern culture. The popularity of social media cannot be ignored especially when promoting content on a website. Share buttons embedded on the website’s design easily facilitate easy sharing of relevant and interesting content on a website over social media. This has been used to effectively promote products on a website on multiple platforms. Redesigning older websites to incorporate these buttons is vital to their relevance and existence.


Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important factors that dictate web design in today’s internet world. With different Google search engine algorithm updates being rolled out every other year or less, only swift web redesign can offer a way of maintaining or improving your website’s ranking in search results. Today, all web content should be search engine friendly, and thus web design efforts should focus on promoting only the relevant content that is search engine friendly.

The above factors represent some of the most dynamic aspects of web design. Changes in any one of the influencing factors necessitate a website redesign to maintain the relevance and visibility of the same.

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