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News is out that Google has implemented a major update of its algorithm that experts have dubbed as Pigeon. The main reason why the search engine giant came out with the update is to provide local search results that are more accurate and relevant. The new algorithm change doesn’t cleanup the search engine results pages the same way the previous updates did. Most of the changes are made within the ranking algorithm of local search. There are also some speculations that the update only affects results from searches made in US English.

AdWords campaigns will still remain relevant in the Pigeon era. There are some extensions that you can use in order to stay ahead of your competitors. One of them is the review extension of your AdWords campaign. Advertising your good reviews will do a lot of good for your business with the implementation of the new algorithm. Yelp and other directory websites will be more prominent in the search results, and the AdWords extension will make it possible to remain on top of the SERPs. If you are a small business, it is recommended that you are present everywhere. Be sure to not only include your website in the listings but also your business name, phone number and address. They must all match across the various listings. Pigeon has given more importance on local directories compared to other websites, and you would want to increase the visibility of your website through, Yelp, and other listings. The update will give your business the opportunity to reach out to a specific market and be part of more results in the SERPS, especially if you have maintained a solid reputation. With the Pigeon, local directory websites are taking away spots in the SERPs from small business websites. Multiple directory results will show up for a particular keyword. It would bring down the ranking of some websites in the results, but it can also get vital real estate from the same websites. A single bad review can also affect the ranking of your business. Some SEO experts have noted that there is less duplication among organic results and local results. That means if your website is already part of one; it is less likely to be part of the other.

Google’s Pigeon algorithm has made local search more accurate and showed less Google Places results. It implements more standard ranking indicators to local listings. It also improves the ranking of directory websites. The new update is the merging of Google’s desktop and mobile strategies. Businesses must sustain a good reputation and be part of local listings. The new update also bolsters the value of AdWords campaigns.

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