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Ever heard the term ‘Google it’? I’m sure most of you have.  That’s because Google is the world’s most used online search engine, and as some of our Fertile Frog friends may already be aware, we are well established with Google. Did you know that our Managing Director and SEO Guru Darren Hayward and Senior Developer KT Allen are fully qualified as Google Partner Specialists? So it goes without saying that we were pleased to welcome Chis Mantle the Agency Development Manager at Google to the Fertile Frog offices earlier this week. The aim of Google’s visit was to allow Chris to gain further knowledge about how the Fertile Frog team seamlessly manages our current client portfolio, effectively manage our paid and organic search optimisation clients and our strategy for the future growth of our clients and business as a whole.  We set achievable ‘smart’ goals and provided accountability for achieving targets, for both ourselves and our clients. We also reviewed current market trends online.  The outcome of the meeting was to aid Fertile Frog’s professional development and enable each member of our team to share our knowledge with our current and future clients. One of the things discussed at the meeting yesterday was aesthetically pleasing websites that drive conversions.  Of course, it is very important for a business’ website to be attractive to the eye and the team at Fertile Frog are experts at assisting with this, however the question is, is this attractive website bringing the business in? The use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay Per Click), SMM (Social Media Marketing) are all crucial when trying to bring in more leads and sales, as part of a business’s marketing strategy. These leads provide recurring revenue for your business, not only through the value of the lead itself, but also the word of mouth value (referring friends and business contacts) and also the lifetime value of the customer (through recurring business, upsells and cross sells). Did you know that 95% of people leave a website without actually buying anything or triggering a conversion? So with these stats, on average, we estimate that when using Google Adwords to drive targeted traffic, that one in twenty people on average would bring in some business in. This shows how important it is to be able to drive large amounts of qualified traffic onto your website which will then lead to more sales. This is what we at Fertile Frog do best, we help drive quality targeted leads to your website! So if you have wondered ‘why aren’t people visiting my website?’ then we need to look at your marketing strategies as your online marketing isn’t being fully utilised.  Not to worry! Our Google Partner Specialists here at Fertile Frog are here to assist you with gaining leads and boost your online platform to bring in more business.  Our expertise doesn’t just stop with Google search advertising, with our creative developers and designers, the team can assist with your display platform (the fastest growing platform!). Imagine this, you provide first aid courses across the UK and a potential customer is reading a website article on how to perform CPR or how to put someone in the recovery position… and there on the page is a banner display advertisement showcasing your first aid course. They click through to your website and are primed, ready to join your course. Targeted, qualified traffic! For a FREE consultation to discuss online marketing, web/graphic design or different options to create more traffic and leads to bring in more sales, then please don’t hesitate to contact myself, or member of the Fertile Frog team on 0800 014 8030  who would be happy to assist.  Alternatively, feel free to email me [email protected].

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