Business Growth Strategies During Covid-19

Just to let you know that over here at Fertile Frog, it is business as usual.

We wanted to share some optimism in the future for your business and give you some tips and advice during what may be testing times for you.

As I recently stated in the news at Lancashire Live, We’re confident that this is just a temporary setback. Consumers and businesses are currently holding back and saving money through their discretionary spending and it is our opinion that once this blows over, that businesses will see an influx of people spending again on services, products, personal health and leisure.

If you are one of the companies or self-employed that has needed to close its doors or temporarily cease trading, then the team empathise with you. But how do we turn a negative into a positive?

1. Concentrate on your own business processes

As a business owner or key employee, the transfer of business knowledge to new or current team members drives efficiency and improved business agility. If you hold the knowledge of how you a business task to the highest of standards, then thoroughly document each step. This will enable you to delegate the task on return to work so that the process is done consistently to the standards that you expect, every time. You can then confidently concentrate on business-centric tasks once you return to work.

2. Take time to focus on your content marketing

If you have the ability, this is the perfect time for you to concentrate on your own content marketing. For example, writing blog posts that could be scheduled to post in the future, keeping active or scheduling social media posts. At a time when your competitors are stalling, this is your opportunity to push forward! If you need help with this, then just ask. We are here to help, but we are also here to advise you on how to manage things yourself if you have the time.

3. Review your website or your search optimisation

Your website is a tool that presents your offerings to your customers. If you have some free time then this is the perfect time for you to review your site, look at new services you can offer and tweak your brand message. Regarding your marketing, our opinion is that a lot of companies will drop off SEO/ PPC budgets in the coming weeks and months. Both the CPC and ranking difficulty of keywords should, in theory, go down. It is a pretty opportune time to leverage that and make up some ground.

4. Utilise our experience in remote working

Empowering your team to work from home is a key strategy in maintaining workflow. We are by no means strangers to remote working, as such 90% of our work is done this way. I am more than happy to help give our clients and your associates free advice on how to set up tools that empower your team to work remotely if your business is in a category that permits this. We have a number of tools that are free and can be used for Team Communication, Remote Video Conferencing, Webinar Ports, Desktop Phones and much more. Just ask if you would like me to jump on a call and discuss your individual needs.

5. Maintain positivity with your team and for your own mental health

How you verbally communicate to your family, team and of course yourself, directly impacts on mental wellbeing. Being a positive advocate in times of hardship or challenges is what defines us as leaders. Ceasing work and hiding, waiting for things to blow over is not a strategy that I suggest. Instead, taking positive action and remaining positive in your outlook is what will help maintain your businesses focus and trajectory in the coming weeks. Take time out when needed, but also stay true to yourself and use this opportunity to work on your own personal development, grow your skills, communicate a positive outlook and of course, spend and cherish time with your loved ones.

As a team, we are here to help you grow and overcome adversity. Don’t let your business or wellbeing stagnate. Plan your growth strategy and push ahead of your competitors ready for the fruits that the future holds. Stay safe and healthy and just shout if we can be of any support.

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