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Manchester United new concept kit

MUFC Fans Shocked by Leaked Shirt, New Concept OUT with NHS Event

See the newly leaked Manchester United kit for the 2021-22 Season below. INITIAL THOUGHTS After seeing the leaked Manchester United shirt with the random yellow and black lines throughout, I couldn’t help but think of a bus seat and how I am supposed to wear that?? So I used a bit of creative license and […]

Illustration showing corporate social responsibility

The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

When you run a business or a corporation, you are now part of a community. It could be a local community, a national one. International. It does not matter – what does matter is that, as a business, you have a genuine corporate social responsibility. If you aren’t sure why that is, then read on […]

Banner graphic showing traffic strategy concept

10 Strategies to get Traffic Through to my Business Website

For anyone running a website that is primarily for your business, it is increasingly likely that you might find traffic hard to get. Traffic is your most precious commodity, as without it you literally cannot make a sale. Traffic isn’t about cars, though; it’s about the people who come to visit your website. When your […]

The art of selling online banner

The Art of Selling Through Your E-Commerce Store

When you run an online e-commerce store, there are so many little things that you can do to get it just right. Sadly, not enough companies go through with these little things. And the end result is often generic, thoughtless content that does nothing to boost your rank, convince people to buy, or make people […]

Hosting and maintenance for wordpress graphic banner

Hosting and Maintenance for your WordPress Website

Okay, so let me enlighten our WordPress fans about updates to your WordPress website and their importance.  In your WordPress dashboard, you may often see a notification flag asking you to update. It’s important not to ignore these, like a lot of people, do. Otherwise, you can be leaving your site open to additional risks. […]

Exciting Times at Fertile Frog HQ!

The past few months have been an absolute whirlwind here at Fertile Frog but it’s been such an exciting time for us. Not only have we launched this brand new website but we’ve also moved into bigger premises and gained another team member and we’re over the moon that the business is continuing to grow. […]

A FLASH OF STEEL – The Life & Times Of WW1 Sergeant Major

A Flash of Steel is a book, written by Sylvia Collins, about her Grandfather ‘SSM John Thompson Wright’ who fought in the first World War. Sylvia asked the Fertile Frog team to design the cover for this book and we were honoured to do so! Sylvia provided us with a number of photographs and our […]

Spooktacular Halloween Pebble Hunt!

As it’s almost Halloween, the Fertile Frog team are giving you a chance of winning a spooktacular Halloween hamper! We have hidden eleven spookily decorated pebbles round Chorley town centre and it’s your job to find them! Below are images of the pebbles, together with a clue of where you can find them. Once you […]

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