Are You Hiding A Ferrari In Your Garage?

Why a website without SEO is like having a Ferrari and hiding it in your garage

For anyone running a website today, you have one of the most powerful tools in the world. A website, though, is something that is going to need continuous work and effort to make it benefit you. That’s why many people buy a website and then stop using it – they don’t invest enough post-creation. Having a website along is not enough; your website absolutely must be search engine optimised (SEO’d). Why? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why a failure to use SEO is simply leaving money on the table.

You’ll miss out to your competition

Without SEO, you are doing nothing to make the most of your website. Instead, it simply sits there and cannot do the work that you had intended for it to do. That’s why we recommend that you choose to invest in an SEO solution; it will help you to stop missing out to your competitors.

If people cannot come across your business in the search engine listings, how will they know it exists?

You cannot progress further

Without a rise in the search engines, you will simply be sitting with a website that does nothing for you. It might look good to have a website on your business card and the like – but what good is it doing?

You want a website that has been built to get you far more interest in what you offer. By failing to SEO your site, you won’t be seen enough to have the opportunity to progress.

Your website will degrade over time

A website without SEO, just like a car that you don’t care for, is going to start losing condition over time. The content will become stale, and the message will become outdated. So, too, will the design. That’s why SEO is essential – you can make sur that you start building a new website design and content strategy that delivers. Now, your website won’t simply end up covered in dust!

You can create for your audience

When you have a website that lacks SEO, you have a website that lacks definition. The SEO strategy that you choose to follow will be used to help you make sure that you can see more results from the right kind of people. Without SEO, your website will lack a target audience. This leads to having generic, cookie cutter content that never makes a potential customer think or encourage them to take action.

Your website will lose value

The other problem is that without SEO, your website is a dead investment. As the title says, you wouldn’t by a Ferrari and then just cover it with some tarpaulin, would you?

Of course not! What you would do, though, is you would get it out and drive it around. You want to keep it in good condition. Your website is the same. With SEO, you keep it as a high value asset that improves your businesses financial condition. When it is helping to deliver a return on your investment, you will feel the benefits of doing so.

So, why would you build a website and not optimise it? Get in touch today if you have any questions on [email protected] or 0800 014 8030

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