A FLASH OF STEEL – The Life & Times Of WW1 Sergeant Major

A Flash of Steel is a book, written by Sylvia Collins, about her Grandfather ‘SSM John Thompson Wright’ who fought in the first World War.

Sylvia asked the Fertile Frog team to design the cover for this book and we were honoured to do so!

Sylvia provided us with a number of photographs and our Graphic Designer worked his magic in combining these photos and creating this fantastic book cover & inside layout.

It was such a nice job for us to do, as Sylvia has been working 8 years finding all the information and providing all of her own hand-drawn images throughout the book. To give her Grandfather a lovely tribute.

Here at Fertile Frog, we are blessed to be able to create this kind of work for people who really do deserve it most. See below a number of images which really show the quality of the book:

The Front Cover:

All of what you see on the front cover is located inside the book. The building on the left-hand side is where John Thompson Wright stayed for 3 months with his wife Mabel Wright at the Half noon Barracks, Ranikhet, India 1915-16. The building on the right was his home, Oakworth 171 Pooltown Road, Ellesmere Port. The photo of him in the middle was from 1912 and the photo of him on a horse was taken in India as he was ‘Tent Pegging’.

 The Back Cover:

Here you see the number of medals that Sergeant John Wright obtained from his time being in the 14th (King’s) Hussars 1898 – 1919

This book is now on the shelves at Waterstones in Chester, as that is where the author’s Grandfather was born.

It was extremely important to Sylvia to make sure her Grandfather’s memory lived on and remained a hero.

If you are interested in purchasing the book and reading it yourself, here is the link:


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