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1) ‘Where are you from?’

You know that Chorley is a little town up t’North,  so you assume when you go abroad that nobody has heard of it.  So when you’re asked ‘where are you from?’, you answer with ‘near Manchester’,  However, if you ever have mentioned the name Chorley, you’ll have more than likely have heard the two words… ‘Chorley FM?!’

2) Chorley Market

You know to avoid visiting the town centre on a Tuesday!  Grandmas are on a mission to get their shopping done at the market.

3) Beltin’ nightlife

You complain about the nightlife yet you will always return and you know there’s a 95% chance that you’ll end up in AJs.  The question is Nile kebab or McDonalds’ nuggets?

4) Camelot

If you’re under the age of 30, you’ll have enjoyed many school trips to Camelot Theme Park and now it’s closed down, you’ve realised that your childhood is well and truly over.

5) Award winning pies

One of your hardest life choices is choosing between Greggs, Bowens or Greenhalghs?!

6) It’s haunted

You’ve been told stories about how Astley Hall is haunted.  You laughed it off but when you went to visit it as a child, you were actually slightly terrified.

7) Great shopping

The town centre is a great place for shopping… if all you need is a mobile phone or an e-cigarette!

8) Puddletown Pirates

This was only the one place to hold a party when you were a child, but… were you brave enough to climb up into the skull?!

9) Lovely scenery

You realise how lucky you are to have Rivington on your doorstep and it’s tradition to walk up to t’Pike on Good Friday!

10) Grammar is bob on!

You overuse pronouns without even thinking about it (‘I like that, me’) and people become possessions (‘our Bob’s coming toneet!’)

11) Posh shoppers

As a school kid you were too embarrassed to shop at Netto, or you’d risk it and swap your groceries into a Tesco bag in case anybody saw you.  However, now thinking back, you’ve realised what a little snob you were and actually wish it was back because, let’s face it, you’re not posh enough to shop at Booths.

12) Chorley Then and Now

Chorley is also home to the most opinionated people!  You know Chorley Then and Now is the place to go to express your thoughts about things you feel strongly about like Joe Bloggs not picking up his dog’s poop.

13) Fredericks Ice Cream

You know there’s only one place to go for ice cream in Chorley.  Although, you also know that if the temperate is over 10 degrees, the queue will be a mile long!  

14) Chippy Tea

It’s the law to have a chippy tea on a Friday!

15) Friendly folk

You complain about it but you know  it’s home and even though it’s been voted the ‘unhappiest place to live’, there’s no other people quite like the people of Chorley.  And with things like Chorley cake and people like Bradley Wiggins putting the little town on the map… what’s there to complain about?!

Images taken from Wikimedia

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