10 Strategies to get Traffic Through to my Business Website

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For anyone running a website that is primarily for your business, it is increasingly likely that you might find traffic hard to get. Traffic is your most precious commodity, as without it you literally cannot make a sale. Traffic isn’t about cars, though; it’s about the people who come to visit your website. When your website is built correctly, too, you can avoid the danger of having ‘traffic jams’ that eat up your bandwidth and leave your site running increasingly slowly.

What, though, are some ideal strategies for building a long-term opportunity to get traffic? Here are ten ideas you should absolutely start exploring.

Paid ads

The first place that most businesses will begin is with a trip to Google. With the help of their Ads program, you can easily create bespoke ads that target certain keywords related to your business. For a set fee, you can get a pay-per-click arrangement that boosts your traffic. The content on your site, however, is going to have to be more than good enough to make them want to stick around, otherwise you are paying for nothing.

Paid ads are a double edged sword, but when they are managed correctly they could be a fine way to boost your business and your income.

Social media

This should not have to be stated, but creating social media accounts on places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram makes a lot of sense. Social media is either free to use but requires time, or requires little time but large investment. Given it’s where most people hang out today and you have some of the most powerful targeting tools ever seen in marketing, though, it would be foolish to dismiss social media.

On-page SEO

A good way to start improving how many people come to look at your website, though, is to simply make it rank higher. Easier said than done, we know, but it can be done if you put the right factors in place. From making sure you have quality meta descriptions to writing value-driven content that makes natural use of keywords, you have so many different ways to use on-page SEO to benefit your business in the long-term.

Referral traffic

While not for everyone, referral traffic is becoming a bit part of the online industry these days. Referral traffic is about trying to get content that people will refer to, especially on social media. It has to be value-driven and it has to give the reader something that they do not have at present. If you can get that right, you will see a huge upsurge in the amount of traffic that you get. 

The quality has to be outstanding, though, so make sure you put your heart and soul into it!

Build internal links

While external links are always good, a fine solution is to invest some time into building internal links. This means making sure that you can get more links from page to page – so you could link one service page to one another, use your contact page link during calls to action, that kind of thing.

Even links to your social media channels are bound to do something to help you improve your traffic levels. Sites that have robust internal linking always rank better.

Classified ads

Sites like Gumtree and many industry specific and location specific directories are your friend. You can create a bespoke ad that allows your website to be found easier, on a platform that people actively use to look for and find solutions to their issues in life.

If you are looking to help build traffic, then it would be remiss of you not to look closer at classified ads.

Guest posts

A good way to help boost your business in general is to get yourself out there as an authority. And a good way to do that is to create some quality content to share out on blogs, discussion sites, and elsewhere. So long as your writing fits the audience, most sites in your industry would be happy to have some extra guest posts that they can use.

It’s free content for them, and helps to ensure that they have all the opportunities they need to add more authority to their site. In return, you get some traffic!

Invest in guest posts

However, another good way to get help is to have people create guest posts for your own site. Instead of having your expertise put on other sites, you could get someone to make up guest posts to have on your own site. This will see them come back to you and bring new reads to your site, as it will create a nice back link between both your site and theirs. It also gets more awesome content on your site that you know people will enjoy reading.

Take part in an interview

A good way to make sure you can get more traffic is to find an authority in your industry and interview them. You could do it via email or any medium you are both comfortable with. Most people deemed an authority will enjoy the extra publicity, and the fact they are associated with it could bring you a natural boost in traffic. 

If your intention is to get more natural traffic, then getting links in with people who your key customers respect and listen to makes sense.

Start a podcast

Either guesting on a podcast or starting on one is an easy way to help boost your traffic. Podcasts are easily shared across so many mediums, ensuring that more people will come across you than ever before. That can lead to some really impressive results, and will mean that you have plenty of naturally built links coming back to your own website and/or social media.

Starting a podcast is tougher, but trying to land a guest slot on a podcast related to your industry makes a lot of sense. 

So, which options will you investigate first?

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